Hospice Services and Palliative Care

Infinity Hospice Care, enhances the quality of a patient’s life by emphasizing the dignity of the individual and the strength of the family unit.

Under the supervision of the medical director and attending physician, nurses, social workers, chaplains, counselors, and home health aides perform as a team to ensure the highest quality of life for the patient. We provide a combination of medical, spiritual, and emotional care, as well as education for the family. Every effort is made to ensure that the patient remains at home during their illness. When home is not enough, inpatient care is arranged at our state-of-the-art Las Vegas hospice facility or one of our contracted care facilities.

Explore the various types of hospice and palliative care services offered by IHC and learn how we will deliver comfort and dignity to your loved one.

Levels of Care Services

  • Routine Home Care

Routine home care includes all services under the Medicare hospice benefit in the comfort of one’s home. When the hospice services are provided in a home environment, patients and their families can focus on spending quality time together. Learn if you are eligible for hospice and palliative care by contacting us today.

  • General Inpatient Care

The goal of hospice is to provide support and services that enable the patient to remain at home. There are times, however, when the patient’s condition cannot be managed in the home setting. This increased level of care is called inpatient care and is provided at approved hospice facilities that meet the requirements for inpatient level of care. Learn about our Las Vegas hospice facility online and other contracted locations by connecting with our team.

  • Respite Care

Respite care services are available for caregivers who need a short break or rest. When a break is requested/needed, an Infinity Hospice Care nurse and/or social worker will make arrangements for the patient to be placed in an approved hospice facility. Contact us for information about respite care and general inquiries.

  • Continuous Care

Continuous care, or around-the-clock care, is provided in the home during the time of crisis or when acute needs are present. Once evaluated by our interdisciplinary team, increased assistance and skilled nursing management will be provided. We stand ready to help guide your family throughout this process.

Choosing hospice does not mean stopping care,

but rather, changing the focus from aggressive curative care to supportive symptom management, providing comfort and guidance for the patient as well as the family.

  • Choosing Infinity Hospice Care

If you have been overwhelmed by providing support for your loved one, consider the compassionate care, support, and relief that you can find with Infinity Hospice Care. Our team of care professionals, medical directors, skilled nurses, and counselors work towards our mission—to help our patients live with dignity and in comfort. We provide our patients with the care they need while family members and friends can focus on spending quality time together.

If you are medically eligible for services and considering hospice or palliative care, contact Infinity Hospice Care.

Hospice Services and Involvement

Patients who have chosen hospice care or palliative care are generally experiencing a life-limiting illness. Under the supervision of the patient’s primary care physician and with the direction of our medical director, Infinity Hospice Care will provide quality and compassionate care in the comfort of one’s home or at an approved hospice facility.

Our skilled nurses apply their experience and knowledge to help your loved one and answer any questions you have about symptoms or changes in your loved one’s health. Alongside overseeing the care of the patient, skilled nurses work with staff members to facilitate care, and scheduling personal visits. You can reach our skilled team 24/7.

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) provide comfort measures, personal care assistance and support, and help the patient with activities of daily living. CNAs are supervised by the skilled nursing team, communicating and responding to the progress or changes they notice when caring for your loved one.

The changes and decisions that need to be made as you plan for the extended care of your loved one may be overwhelming, but you do not have to navigate those waters alone. When you choose Infinity Hospice Care, your family will be provided a medical social worker that will provide educational, medical, and emotional support throughout this journey. Some of the support offered by medical social workers include:

  • Health care advocate and educator
  • Support group connection
  • Helps navigate available resources
  • And more

Spiritual counseling is a service that helps family members and loved ones with pastoral or spiritual care, as well as offering bereavement or spiritual grief counseling. Infinity Hospice Care’s spiritual counselors are available 24/7 at your loved one’s home or in the assigned care facility.

Hospice care, whether your loved one is receiving care at home or in a hospice facility, includes emotional support for the patient and their family. Our counselors are experienced in dealing with life-limiting conditions and will help guide your family throughout this process.

As you face the difficult process of saying goodbye to your loved one, the Infinity Hospice Care support team will be standing beside you. Whether it is grief counseling, communicating, or offering coping strategies, you do not have to face these challenging moments alone.

In addition to the skilled and managed care you will find in a hospice setting, several volunteers will also serve you. These volunteers will provide emotional support, clerical help, and sometimes meals to make sure your loved one receives the highest quality of care they deserve.

Under Medicare/hospice benefit, caring for your loved one may require specific medical supplies, equipment, and support. Our team at Infinity Hospice Care will orchestrate the delivery and maintenance of these supplies.

Infinity Hospice Care is not a place, but rather a concept of care.

Our entire team of medical directors, skilled nurses, CNAs, volunteers, and counselors are here to deliver comfort and care to your loved one. Start our hospice services and palliative care by contacting us today.

As your loved one progresses through an end-stage illness that is best comforted with hospice care, our skilled therapists and care providers stand ready to help. Your loved one will have access to the below assistance services at home or an approved hospice facility.

  • Occupational therapy will help your family member with the occupational skills necessary to achieve the highest quality of life possible.
  • Dietary counseling is provided for patients that receive direct instruction from their primary care physician. Following the plan provided, Infinity Hospice Care’s dietary counselors will help with the dietary planning of your loved one.
  • Physical therapy provides patients with exercises and application to help regain or keep control of their movements. Additionally, physical therapy offers pain management practices.
  • Speech therapy services will help patients adapt to the changes that occur in communication. By working with the cognitive processes that control and manage the swallowing process, speech therapists will bring more comfort to your loved one while they eat, drink, and communicate.