Our Core Values

Our priority is to enhance our patient’s quality of life and help them live in dignity and comfort.  We are here for you and your loved one during this time of need.

Raising the standard of hospice care in Nevada and Arizona, Infinity Hospice Care’s mission is to bring comfort and value to our community. Our core values guide our team in providing the best family hospice and palliative care possible. If you and your family find balance with our mission and core values, we encourage you to speak to us.

  • Dependability

Care starts with a dependable team. All of our care providers demonstrate dependability in the care of your loved one. Count on us to be there when you need us; we will perform our duties compassionately throughout your end-stage illness journey. 

We know how important it is for your loved one to have someone to rely on. Dependability is expected from our entire interdisciplinary staff, and extends to the following situations:

  • Quality medical care
  • Community involvement
  • Social interaction
  • Speaking the truth
  • Patient and family education
  • Daily communication
  • Counseling services

Our hospice care team, delivering quality medical and emotional care, visits intermittently based on the individual needs of each patient. We continually assess the changing condition of the patient to make sure his or her welfare is served in the best manner possible. In some cases, 24/7 care is available.

  • Trusting To Work Well as a Team

Our team is strong because we work together for the benefit of the patient. This includes each member of our team and staff, as well as the patient’s primary care physician, caregivers, and assisted living facility staff. The trust we have built allows us to deliver compassionate hospice care and genuine help.

Our interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, counselors, and volunteers work together to support each patient and their family.  To accomplish this, we provide the following hospice home services:

  • Medical care
  • Pain management needs
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Bereavement and grief counseling
  • Medical supplies and durable equipment

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  • A STRONG Desire To Make a Difference
    in the Lives of Others

Employees and patients who join the Infinity Hospice Care family immediately see our desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Starting hospice care for a loved one is a difficult decision. By creating a caring and compassionate environment, we strive to create a positive and comforting experience—making all the difference for our patients and their families. 

Count on Infinity Hospice Care to go above and beyond care standards to deliver excellence that your family deserves. We are committed to making the patient’s life better through the following actions:

  • Assess each patient’s pain and comfort during each in house hospice visit
  • Attentively listen and take action on family needs
  • Continually search for creative ways to enhance your loved one’s quality of life
  • Nurture the desire to make a difference in our team’s lives by supporting a healthy work/life balance

Do You Have a Desire to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others?

Infinity Hospice Care volunteers and employees fulfill a vital component in our mission statement and STRONG desire to make a difference in our patient’s lives. If you share our same mission and vision, we encourage you to explore our open positions and volunteer opportunities. Your unique experiences and education will serve as an invaluable gift to our patients and families. Provide support and companionship—contact us today!

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Our team has provided professional, palliative in home medical care to those with life-limiting illnesses since 2005. Our highly-trained staff goes above and beyond each day to deliver patients with the best care possible.  We also offer counseling services, support, and ongoing education to family members to support them throughout their loved one’s journey.  Each of our core values plays an essential role in our mission. Please call us at 800-381-0375 to learn more about the Infinity Hospice Care difference.